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Updated: Jun 13, 2019

I really feel like an Alien y'all & that's more than my Aquarius sun typing.

It's more often than not that I find myself lost in my thoughts, caught up in the clouds, star gazing &/or basking in the beauty of the moon. When my 4 eyes focus on the endless sky it helps me to put what I consider the important things back into perspective. It's different for everyone of course; our journeys on this Earth and what is eminent to each of us. I must say that I think most of our issues are insignificant when one truly takes a moment to take into consideration how incredibly vast this Universe is. I also love to be near bodies of water. I imagine the deepest depths & what goes down, down there. I know that shit be crazy, just like it is up here lolol. I like deep shit and also I cuss often. Cuss words are not "bad" words,

I mean I use them bitches semi-regularly to spice up my sentences ..

[ you see what I did there (-; ]

I feel like words with malicious intent behind them are bad, words that people are attempting to use as weapons can be ammunition especially when used with bad intentions.

No shade that anyone throws or hate that anyone forms against me shall prosper because I know that people's actions are merely projections of of their own inner issues, that we all have work to do and as long as I'm actively doing mine I will be fine. - Afromations 1

Anyhow, I'm actually hella excited to make my offering an actual thingy thing. I'm confident that these nontraditional services that I'm gonna bring will be hella beneficial to building and healing.

Healing looks different for everyone, it is an art and this is my canvass.

This is me trying to be the change that I want to see..

- #adriannealigned #innerlightinfuser

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