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White supremacy is worse than any form of cancer and this entire country is suffering.

Think back on sitting in history class way back when, where you likely learned the diluted versions of all of the early atrocities committed by white folks, including but not limited to; colonization, the genocide of my ancestors and other indigenous peoples, slavery, the Jim Crow era, and maybe your instructor even touched on the Dred Scott decision, possibly Black code laws, redlining and so on. Allow me to remind you and also highlight that at some point in american history, all of that shit, as inhumane and immoral as it was, was considered “legal”. All of those premeditated crimes against humanity were “just”. The law didn’t even consider my enslaved ancestors whole humans, research the Three-Fifths Compromise.

This country was built off the backs of Blacks but the whites never cared about any of that, that's a fact and that's that on that.

White supremacy is and always has been a form of domestic terrorism. Gentrification can be equated to colonization; not to be confused with community development, which would help existing residents whereas gentrification aims to replace them. The new Jim Crow aka the mass incarceration of our loved ones. The school-to-prison-pipeline, the list goes on and on ..

This shit is a set up y'all.

Emancipation Day was June 19th, 1865. My people been fake free for roughly 153 years now. Emphasis on fake free because racism is systemic as shit and found at the foundation of all american systems; including but not limited to the education system, the healthcare system and especially in the justice system. In the past laws and systems were intentionally put in place and upheld by white men to keep my people and other people of color oppressed. With that being said, the “justice system” (aka the injustice system) is working exactly how it was intended to since it's inception and my only expectation is that said “justice system” will continue to hinder POC and all marginalized peoples really, from truly healing, progressing & building while reinforcing white supremacy and covering up their crimes against humanity. Because that's regular.

The police are merely an evolution of the slave patrol that terrorized my ancestors on an everyday basis. I won't delve into that too deeply bc the information is out there on the interwebs and available to anyone who genuinely wants to educate themselves vs being indoctrinated.

Nonetheless, Juneteenth is a holiday that should be federally recognized by now, but most of us know how this government works. For what it's worth, we function under the same government that paid slave owners in the District of Columbia roughly $300 per person after freeing the enslaved to ease the tensions of them losing their property.

So June 19th, 2019. Twas supposed to be the worst day of the year astrologically. I was mentally aware that Mercury and Mars would be battling Pluto, I knew that there would probably be beaucoup problems even though I couldn't call them. I like to practice being present and mindful of the moment that I'm in so I didn't marinate on how bad things could potentially be..

I am divinely protected and my intentions are pure so I move through each day ready to face whatever man made problems may come my way. My protectors are omnipresent and they don't play.

- Afromations 2

I organized a Juneteenth Jubilee with a few of my loved ones because I believe in being the change that I want to see and honestly, I would love to see people start to put the same energy, if not more, into Juneteenth than they do for say the 4th of July. The brainwashing & propaganda are really real in the field though. There is such a great deal of unlearning and unpacking that we as a people need to do but it's uncomfortable and unfortunately people love comfort zones but those places leave little to no room for growth.

My original plan was to grill teriyaki chicken foil wraps w the works but I ended up not wanting to do alllllll that so I settled for chicken and a slab of ribs. I was ready to celebrate & commemorate with my chosen family and I was pretty pleased w myself for putting it together. Whilst loading up our car we heard a series of gunshots relatively close to us in proximity. We live in a predominately Black & Brown neighborhood that has hella police presence and next to no community resources. When we pulled out we saw police activity unfolding down the street so we decided to cop watch. Cop watching is essentially watching the police.

We the people protect each other. The police protect property and the privileged.

I'm not going to too much touch on what transpired during the events that led to the loss of life but I will say that the mainstream media is a motherfucker. Read these Malcolm X quotes:

"The media's the most powerful entity on earth. They have the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that's power. Because they control the minds of the masses."


“If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.”

When I woke up on June 20th white folks were deeply in their feelings. To make a long story significantly shorter, the lady cop lost her life in the line of duty and an altered version of some of my fb footage was uploaded to youtube by a convicted criminal, "aspiring journalist" with a fat list of subscribers and a misleading headline attached to it mostly to incite the ignorant bc the cops were getting berated in the background..

The gag is Freedom of speech means that one can freely talk shit to the police.

As a result of this person's ill intentions and wannabe reporting, oh and the fox national network picking it up I've been doxxed, received death threats & some more shit.

I've finally gone viral.

It's been mostly wild.

It's a lot of miserable, spineless, hateful motherfuckers going out of their ways to try to project their negative energy to me electronically. Thumb thugs, all of them. They are everything that is wrong with this glorious country where our government is currently holding children in cages and having debates about toothpaste and soap oh and climate change isn't a real concern either.

I've also got apologies and a few media inquiries.

What a time to be alive..

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