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A Digital Publication

a labor of love in honor of thee ancestors & for future generations


dedicated to anybody that's lost somebody, including themselves.

An Informal Introduction

Welcome to thee initial installment of a new monthly offering from me to you, made with thee most love.

 Dropping Gemz is a digital publication that I have chosen to passionately pour my whole self into and then share with you, in hopes that you too, are poured into. This is a sacred virtual space designed to align & elevate.

I wasn't sure what this was going to be or look like for a minute, I only knew that I intended to put my heart & soul in it. If it's ego driven & not heart centered, I'm not with it. I pondered on working with a partner & potentially making this a podcast but those things came to pass. Flow don't force. In time I found myself getting reacquainted with a long lost personal passion of mine and the reconnection has been divine. There was a lot of love, loss and lessons last year, over here we don't adhere to fear. The only way out is through, I love you. Remember Nip had that hit Hussle & Motivate, well we mixed & mastered that now we align, elevate and recognize that we are our own sacred space. Welcome to the Age of the Aquarius. Dropping Gemz is an experience.

The purpose of this publication is to provide a place outside of the mainstream media with mindfully crafted content that also acts as a source for pure resources for the people.  Dropping Gemz is a digital publication where one can find pieces written with intention that align with our individual & collective minds, bodies & spirits. Please enjoy this sacred space that I created for us in this vast virtual land. This first installment is simply an informal introduction and in the future there will be so much more!


These words are medicine; may they find you, may you feel them, may they fill you & help you heal thy self & tap into your inherent internal wealth.



self healing

You want to be your most healthy self? 


Choosing you is one of the most righteous things that one can commit to.


Self healing is truly sacred work for in doing so you become a healer of others by guiding, inspiring & empowering others.

Innerstand: healing is personal, healing is a process & it is one that is not at all linear.


There isn’t a recipe that I’ve cooked up that’ll have you wholly healed from past traumas but I speak from experience when I say that there are actions & steps that we can take in that direction.


A couple of solid first steps are to:

1. tap in & sit with self; practice self acceptance, self awareness & self love.


2. choose to move mindfully & with intention bc intention is a most potent & powerful ingredient in any creation.


Mindfulness is our ability to be fully present. During this state we are aware of where we are & what we are doing. We aren't overly reactive or overwhelmed by what anything going on outside of us.

Mindful > Mind Full

Benefits include: stress reduction, increased clarity, higher brain function, reduced running thoughts and lowered anxiety & depression.

mindful moves

Here are a few mindful moves from me to you:

- Accepting emotions

- Noticing thoughts

- Breathing deeply

- Being present

- Practicing gratitude

- Listening carefully

- Being open minded

- Doing only one thing at a time

- Paying full attention

- Honoring feelings

- Judging less, accepting more

Thanks for subscribing, let's start aligning!

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