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Crab Nebula

About A. Aligned

I appreciate you taking time to visit my virtual space. Allow me to introduce myself, I am Adrianne Alignedan advocate, an altruistic alchemist, creator of safe spaces, inner light infuser, a self healer, a mother and a mystic on a mission.  Committed to offering & in divine time normalizing, nontraditional healing & community services that empower marginalized people and assist in the realignment of power to The People.

Both self and community care are both truly revolutionary acts but they cannot exist without both love and awareness. I believe I have to be the change I want to see & that in order to get different results that we must do things differently. I work with my words, voice, intention, intuition, cards, crystals, candles, energy and the elements to offer an array of intuitive & alternative healing services for individuals and community


We are worthy and we got work to put in. INNER WORK.

The Vision:

We as individuals have to intentionally make time to realign mind, body & spirit and to take time to tap in with self because this wild world that we live in will have you worried about and prioritizing everything else. I am here to help you heal.thy.self so that you can be your most healthy self.

Those that are positioned to appear as if they are powerful actually fear you finding your personal power. The way that this world is set up the powers that be want you to think that you need to pay attention to the propaganda that they push and follow a leader when we are all actually already leaders in our own light. Liberate the light that you carry inherently!

Align with me and (re)discover your Divine energy. 







"Adrianne Aligned projects calmness & strength and being in her presence encourages my own authenticity and mindfulness. She has a gentle way of shining a mirror reflecting back the best parts of ourselves. It is truly healing to be in the presence of such radiant encouragement. She has a gift of bringing us to our own strengths and I am grateful to have received her amazing services"

- Irina B.

"Adrianne works so hard for this community and is constantly reminding us to proceed with our lives in healthy & productive ways, even in the midst of adversity."

- Stephanie P.

"There was a lot of love and serenity in this space. I am so grateful to all of you whose energy helped to make the space safe. " - Onethia R.

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